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Karen Anderer


KAREN ANDERER FINE ART: Representing renowned and rising local, national, and international artists, we offer a wide range of distinct styles including the lost art of drawing, expressionism, impressionism, figurative, watercolor, and several different takes on the abstract vision.

Spring ARTWalk

In the Main GalleryGeorganna Lenssen Arco Iris: an expression of light and color
The Spanish word “arcoíris” translates to rainbow in English. The arco iris has been an object of fascination and symbolism in cultures and mythologies throughout history. Interpreted as a connection or bridge linking different realms or elements, it symbolizes interconnectedness and represents communication, harmony, hope and transformation.
“For me the arco iris symbolizes a bridge between creation and subject matter. In my work I seek to express the essence of a subject. My process is bold, intuitive and spontaneous, pushed by a strong sense of exploration and a desire to push the boundaries of expression.”

✨ Gallery’s 20th Anniversary Celebration
New works by many of the Artists in celebration of the Gallery’s 20th year!

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